JJ’s Bakery

Situation: Under pressure from their Private Equity partner to eliminate a safety hazard associated with manually
stacking their 80” pallet configurations and remove excessive headcount within their packout area, JJ’s Bakery was
searching for a robotic solution which wouldn’t consume unnecessary floor space as the factory had a limited footprint
to operate in.

Mission: MEMCO was engaged to design, build and install a palletizing solution which would improve the safety
condition in the environment for the Front Line Teams while also factoring the tight space into the design.

Execution: Appreciating MEMCO’s unique approach to factory automation, JJ’s Bakery decided to go with our
recommendation to use collaborative robots which wouldn’t require fencing or a wide operating radius around Front
Line Teams which worked right alongside the CoBots.

Result: Using Collaborative Robots, MEMCO was able to reduce the labor requirement in the packout area by 60% and
eliminate the safety hazard associated with Front Line Team members stacking boxes from a ladder.