Situation: In response to overwhelming customer demand, Mission Foods needed to build a mega-plant in Rancho
Cucamonga, CA. This new plant required the latest tortilla manufacturing technology to meet budgeted throughput

MEMCO was asked to design, install and commission 23 new corn, flour and chip tortilla lines which would
increase capacity by 100% within the growing market.

Execution: Appreciating the critical Quality Assurance requirements that needed to be maintained in addition to the
significantly higher throughput expectations from previous factories, MEMCO applied Lean Manufacturing Root Cause
Analysis methodologies to the design of each line so that each of the 23 lines could run a variety of products with
minimal changeover downtime.

MEMCO’s unique Lean Manufacturing-centric approach delivered a 50% reduction in changeover times
compared to the legacy factories while increasing throughput by 100%. With the competitive COGM, superior quality
and enhanced manufacturing reliability. MEMCO helped Mission Foods capture additional market share and become the
market leader in the tortilla sector.