Olde Thompson

Situation: Olde Thompson needed to dramatically reduce their reliance on expensive and often unavailable labor while
simultaneously increasing the throughput and yield of their manufacturing process.

Mission: MEMCO was to conduct studies on each of their 21 lines across 2 factories with an eye for not only labor
reduction but also increased speed, decreased downtime and improved yield.

With an eye for a fast and clear ROI, MEMCO seamlessly integrated Line Control, Robotics and new
equipment into the existing lines which would satisfy the requirements of Olde Thompson and their Private Equity

Result: Leveraging the presence of Redzone (world’s #1 Connected Frontline Worker Solution), MEMCO was able to
show the Front Line Workers the immediate impact of the MEMCO Line Control enhancements which required Olde
Thompson to increase the Engineered TMax of each line. Ultimately, MEMCO was able to reduce labor requirements by
30%, increase throughput by 23% and decrease scrap by 60%. Olde Thompson subsequently won Redzone’s coveted
Plant of the Year award.