Situation: During a heavy period of acquisition, Utz purchased multiple assets which needed to be modernized in order
to meet the stringent UTZ quality and production standards.

Mission: Recognizing the depth of experience MEMCO has within the F&B manufacturing sector, UTZ tasked MEMCO
with dramatically increasing capacity across the network by 50%.

Execution: After a thorough Industrial Engineering survey, MEMCO concluded that the best way to increase capacity was
with a combination of Line Control, Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs) and SCADA which would focus on advanced
instrumentation, real-time monitoring of production and control various aspects of the production process in real-time.

Result: Not only did MEMCO’s solution increase capacity by a staggering 100% but it also reduced the tribal knowledge
required to operate the equipment, reducing the UTZ team’s reliance on a heavily tenured workforce.