Situation: Whisps’ Private Equity investors required the Whisps team to eliminate their reliance on expensive, un-
reliable Co-Packers and pull all aspects of manufacturing back under the Whisps roof.

Mission: With seemingly no excess capacity and struggling to attract, train and retain a Front Line Team, Whisps tasked
MEMCO with overseeing a multi-million dollar capital project which would dramatically increase capacity while
simultaneously slashing headcount requirements.

Execution: Apply the latest in robotics, line control and automation, MEMCO automated the entire baking process with
a continuous flow design in addition to designing, testing, installing and training the team on two entirely new packaging lines. MEMCO also merged two separate microwaves together and designed a custom conveyor belt which increased
throughput, reduced scrap minimized labor requirements.

Result: This multi-million-dollar capital project dramatically improved Whisps operating performance. Specifically, the
team realized a 65% reduction in headcount, increased throughput by 100% and decreased scrap by 50%. The net-effect
of these changes is that Whisps is the market leader in healthy keto-friendly snacks all while manufacturing everything
in-house with the highest quality assurance standards.