Case Study: Whisps’ Pioneering Transformation Towards a Connected Frontline Workforce

Empowering Collaboration Through Innovation and Automation


Whisps, supported by Private Equity investors, aimed to liberate itself from the challenges posed by costly and unreliable Co-Packers. The strategic vision was clear – bring all manufacturing processes in-house for enhanced control and efficiency.


Facing capacity constraints and the need for a skilled Front Line Team, Whisps partnered with MEMCO to lead a multi-million dollar capital project. The primary goal was to significantly amplify production capacity while fostering a collaborative and engaging work environment for frontline workers.


In response to the mission, MEMCO orchestrated a transformative approach. Harnessing the potential of cutting-edge robotics, line control, and automation, MEMCO streamlined the entire baking process with a continuous flow design. Simultaneously, MEMCO conceptualized, tested, and implemented two state-of-the-art packaging lines. A unique conveyor belt design, merging separate microwaves, further increased throughput, minimized scrap, and elevated the overall work experience for the frontline workforce.


The impact of this multi-million-dollar initiative was nothing short of transformative. Whisps achieved a remarkable 65% reduction in dull, dirty, and dangerous work positions, doubling throughput, and cutting scrap by half. These changes not only boosted operational efficiency but also created a more collaborative and engaging work environment for the frontline teams. Whisps now stands as a pioneer in crafting healthy, keto-friendly snacks while fostering a connected and empowered frontline workforce.

Whisps’ journey with MEMCO exemplifies the synergy between strategic automation and creating a collaborative workplace. This success story reinforces Whisps’ commitment to innovation and its dedication to establishing new benchmarks in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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