Future Now – Driving Industrial Transformation in CPG Manufacturing

CPG manufacturers are caught in a pincer as the world of manufacturing continues to evolve at an accelerating pace and the skilled labor market falters at the same time. More and more of the mechanically inclined and hard-working Baby Boomer generation are retiring at a rate of 10,000/day. At MEMCO, we hear our clients tell us time and again that they are battling raw goods price increases, shrinking labor availability, understaffed engineering teams and increasing consumer reluctance to accept increasing prices. These pressures all create a difficult environment for CPG manufacturers to thrive in.

Increasingly, these manufacturers are turning towards MEMCO for innovation and Industrial Transformation as a way to stay ahead of the curve. Through a combination of machinery, robotics, digital assets, and data analytics all bundled into a Kaizen approach of Continuously Improving on an operation, these companies are able to massively reduce their costs and exposure to risk. In a post-Covid world, de-risking and doing more with less is such a common boardroom conversation it has become almost cliché. We at MEMCO live for those conversations and will happily discuss any ways to improve a business from the intricacies of a PM schedule with a Maintenance Manager all the way to nuances of a balance sheet with a CFO to find alignment across an organization.

MEMCO’s clients appreciate the approach of the Future Now program to help them achieve these goals of reducing cost and risk. Through this, MEMCO brings together cross-functional teams to align on a cohesive Industrial Transformation for a plant or series of plants nationwide. This involves MEMCO bringing a full team of Industrial, Electrical and Mechanical engineers along with sophisticated Business Analysts, all coming together to present solutions to a company’s Apex problems.

No longer do you have to be concerned about how a project will be justified or whether an engineering team wrote an RFP in just the right language so that multiple engineering firms are able to provide the right solution you’ve pictured. MEMCO will work directly with your team from the shop floor to the C-Suite and make sure all team members are aligned on the most effective methods of improving an operation. Our clients have told us how they’ve appreciated being able to focus on solving problems rather than spending their working hours trying to schedule all the right teams together to scrounge their shop floor and accounting software to try to find exactly the right problem to solve to make sweeping changes.

Experience the future of manufacturing with MEMCO as we use our experience visiting and implementing value-added solutions to thousands of CPG and F&B plants to help enable sustainable growth and massively reduce the risk in your operation.