MEMCO’s Recipe for Success: Welcoming New Talent and Accelerating Industrial Transformation in 2024

We’re excited for what 2024 holds for the F&B/CPG manufacturing sector and MEMCO.

We recently held our Annual Kickoff and aligned the entire MEMCO organization around our north star: driving real Industrial Transformation outcomes for our F&B manufacturing clients. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable as we celebrated our achievements in 2023 and set the stage for the remarkable period of growth in 2024. The annual kickoff served as a platform to align our team’s vision, values, and skills to our core values, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

To support this growth, we’ve hired some of the best and brightest engineers within this space, to include:

  1. Jon Winn – Sr. Automation and Controls Engineer
  2. Stefan Rust – Automation Engineer
  3. Ford Carmack – Project Manager
  4. Connor Rucker – Application Engineer

In addition to enhancing our culture, these talented individuals bring a wealth of experience which our clients will benefit from.

At MEMCO, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of Industrial Transformation. Our direct interface with client CXOs through our innovative Future Now program enables us to accelerate IX strategies. We’re not just a technology provider; we’re a strategic partner in navigating the future of manufacturing.

The success of MEMCO’s unique approach is evident in the outcomes our clients achieve. In 2023 our clients averages a 40% reduction in Cost of Goods Manufactured. Our commitment to delivering superior outcomes in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing sector has  solidified our position as the number one partner for Industrial Transformation.

Why MEMCO Is Your Ideal Partner:

  1. Expertise: Our team comprises F&B/CPG manufacturing experts.
  2. Innovation: The Future Now program reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation and helps your team rapidly adopt new and innovative manufacturing processes.
  3. Results-Driven Approach: MEMCO’s Future Now program delivers significant productivity gains to our clients; with an average reduction in COGM of 40%.

As MEMCO dives into 2024 with a focus on growth, we invite F&B CXOs to join us on this exciting journey. The future is now, and MEMCO is leading the way.