Future Now

Tired of having to short your customer’s orders because your shop floor isn’t fully staffed and operating efficiently? Frustrated by the trend of failed CapEx projects that don’t significantly move the productivity dial? 

At MEMCO, we believe in taking a different approach to major Capital projects by involving all stakeholders, to include the invaluable Front Line Teams in the identification of the problem and generating the right engineered solution that seamlessly blends mechanical, electrical and digital solutions together in real-world operating environments. Rather than looking at a problem in isolation and cobbling different tools together, MEMCO works with our clients to view the issue from a Product flow perspective and address the entire value stream because simply moving the bottle neck down the line creates a series of unintended consequences. These unintended consequences pile up and ultimately end up costing you more time and money than taking a professional, holistic approach from the beginning. 

MEMCO’s Future Now program creates an environment where our clients get the best engineered solution with dedicated project and vendor management baked in. Through Future Now, we’re helping our clients take a strategic, phased approach to deploying advanced process and packaging automation solutions with a clear focus on speed-to-value. With Future Now, our clients have a trusted partner guiding their organization through this current industrial transformation using the latest technologies to include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twin and Robotics. 

If you’re tired of bouncing around with limited-scope automation solutions that fail to deliver true industrial transformation at scale and want to take a big step towards reducing your COGM by an average of 40%, you need to consider MEMCO’s Future Now program. 

Specialized Robots and EOAT

Annual productivity averages 2.2%, inflation is well above that with no sign of subsiding. Unemployment rates, while fluctuating, seemingly prevent you from attracting and retaining the Shop Floor Teams your production schedule customers require. When you do hire someone, there’s a 50% chance you’ll have to train their replacement within the year. If the new employee does stick around for more than 90 days, there’s a 70% chance they’re unengaged – Suffice to say, working with humans is hard! 

MEMCO believes that each Operator and Team Member who does show up needs to be doing value-added work that brings happiness and dignity to them. Asking that new Temp worker to stack 25-pound boxes for 8 hours is a sure-fire way to get them to find a new job! 

How frequently do you have to shut one of your lines down because you’re understaffed? How often do you have to rework product due to quality defects that a person overlooked? How frustrated are your customers with shorted orders and cost increases? 

Why haven’t you embraced robotics more strategically on your shop floor?

We’ve heard all kinds of justifiable reasons for avoiding robotics ranging from:

  • Our SKU mix is too varied! A robot could never handle it!
  • We don’t have an engineering team to program and support the robots. 
  • Our shop floor doesn’t have the space for a huge palletizing robot. 
  • Our EHS team won’t allow robots!
  • Something like that must be very expensive. We need a sub-2-year-ROI!

The reality is, most people’s understanding of what robots are capable of in 2023 is misguided or outdated. MEMCO is helping our clients deploy cost-effective, safe robots across the entire manufacturing shop floor to augment the human team members by doing the work that’s either too repetitive and boring or too strenuous and dangerous. Consider that MEMCO’s robots never call in sick, can handle infinite SKU variability, know how to spot a quality defect better than anyone and creates a safer, happier shop floor. Our custom Robotic interface takes the pain out of pallet stack design and operator interface. Further, our collaborative robots don’t require any machine guarding and can work right alongside the invaluable human Operators. 

To really bring the robot to life, MEMCO collaborates with our clients on custom End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) that results in faster changeovers, decreased scrap/damaged product. Our in-house design and fabrication team are ready to start your robot with custom EOAT design now! 

Custom Line Control

What is Line Control? There are many misunderstandings around Line Control within the CPG industry. All too often we see client engineering teams try to cobble together various assets resulting in a rat’s nest of cables and sensors. The end result: local islands of isolated, overly-complicated PLC programs which bog down and confuse your Maintenance and Engineering Teams – and don’t even come close to having a positive impact on the Front-Line Teams! Nobody beyond the person(s) who built the custom solution even know what’s going on!

MEMCO takes a pragmatic but holistic approach to Line Control and views the entire production line as the critical entity rather than treating discrete assets on a line separately. 

MEMCO works with our clients to design thoughtful, easy-to-use, true Line Control Systems which deliver the following benefits: 

  • Proactive approach to line setpoint adjustments
  • Remote-in diagnostic capability resulting in faster diagnostics
  • Integrated E-stop functionality dramatically reduces scrap and re-work
  • SKU specific setpoints accelerates changeover times and time to good first product
  • Preventative Maintenance schedules built-in and actively monitored & alerted
  • Integrated CIP functionality dramatically reduces Sanitation time
  • Embedded Operator-centric SOPs ensure your Machine Operators work harmoniously with the Line
  • Fully networked production line allows comprehensive data analytics and digital twin capability

MEMCO follows UL 508 standards on our NEMA-4X rated control panels. To keep things super-easy for the local Plant engineering teams, we build our control panels using either Ethernet-IP or ModBus TCIP standards. By engineering our solutions to work within the harshest Sanitation & Washdown environments, we’re making it easy to maintain and interact with our custom Line Control solutions. If you’re ready to take the next step in shining the light on your Factory Production Lines, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.