Terrence Southern

Vice President of Operations

As MEMCO’s Vice President of Operations, Terrence Southern provides strategic leadership to drive our Operations team’s creative growth. With 24 years of experience in Robotics and Automation spanning industries such as Automotive, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Semiconductor, and Transportation, Terrence is a recognized influencer of innovation in Industrial Robotics & Artificial Intelligence. He continually implements strategies to deploy automation solutions, robotics, machine learning, and additive manufacturing technology across the MEMCO community.

Terrence is deeply engaged in community efforts to encourage Workforce Development and STEM education in underserved communities. He is the founder of Illuminate STEM (501c3), an organization dedicated to providing learning opportunities that ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER, and EQUIP students to shape the technical future of tomorrow. Terrence’s relentless pursuit of stimulating young minds and cultivating emerging technology leaders is a testament to his commitment to progress.