Transforming CPG Manufacturing: MEMCO’s Future Now program

In the fast-paced world of CPG manufacturing, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions and a collaborative approach. At MEMCO, we have developed a groundbreaking program called Future Now that sets us apart from traditional automation and controls engineering firms. By assembling cross-functional teams and adopting a Kaizen methodology, we empower our clients to tackle their apex problems head-on, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and achieving rapid ROI.

At MEMCO, we recognize that solving complex challenges in CPG manufacturing requires a comprehensive and inclusive approach. That’s why our Future Now program begins by assembling a cross-functional team that includes the client’s engineers, mechanics, operations leaders, front-line operators, sanitation team associates, and quality assurance technicians. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we foster a collaborative environment that is essential for successful problem-solving.

One of the key differentiators of MEMCO’s Future Now program is the utilization of a Kaizen format. In this approach, the client’s cross-functional team collaborates closely with our team of industrial, electrical, mechanical, and automation engineers. By working together, we design a phased automation strategy that is tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of each client while actually solving the root cause to the specific problem identified by the Kaizen team.

Rather than taking an isolated, “whack-a-mole” approach where individual issues are addressed in isolation, our program takes a holistic view. Each phase of automation is strategically planned to complement and build upon the previous phases. This ensures that the automation solutions implemented deliver a clear return on investment (ROI) in two years or less.

MEMCO’s Future Now program is laser-focused on driving efficiency and reducing costs in CPG manufacturing. By involving key stakeholders from different areas of the client’s organization, we gain valuable insights into the challenges they face on a daily basis. This enables us to identify and prioritize opportunities for automation that will have the most significant impact on reducing costs, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall efficiency.

With each phase of the Future Now program, our clients experience a rapid return on investment (ROI) in two years or less. This accelerated timeline is made possible by the careful planning and collaboration of our cross-functional teams and automation experts. Additionally, the phased approach ensures that each automation phase complements the others, creating a comprehensive roadmap for long-term success.

MEMCO’s Future Now program is transforming the CPG manufacturing sector by taking a collaborative, cross-functional approach to automation. By involving diverse stakeholders, implementing a Kaizen format, and delivering rapid ROI, we empower our clients to overcome apex problems and achieve sustainable growth. Experience the future of manufacturing with MEMCO.

Lance Olmsted, CEO announces MEMCO’s Future Now program©